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Work 1


The derelict series was photographed at a disused factory in West Bromwich. Shot and then processed in a suitably grungy style, these images are definitely among our favorites. Alas all good things must come to an end - the building has now being demolished......

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Work 2

After Dark

Another favorite theme is our 'After Dark' series. Pictures were mainly shot in the clubs and bars in and around Birmingham. Also featuring some of the areas top Gentlemen's clubs along with the gorgeous girls who work there.

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Work 3


Our brand new themed series is ' Girlfriends'. A sexy collection of photo sets with one great thing in common - two girls for the price of one.

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The Sobar

Adrianna 03

Added 15th December 2015, 27 images

The Sobar

Adrianna 02

Added 15th December 2015, 87 images

the honeys
sophie model

The Sobar

Adrianna 01

Added 15th December 2015, 67 images

Honeys Set 12

Added 27 October 2015, 88 images

Sophie Derelict Set 02

Added 17 October 2015, 86 images

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madison naked
sammi naked
selina naked

Madison Set 22

Added 13 October 2015, 66 images

Sammi Set 04

Added 12 October 2015, 89 images

Selina Set 07

Added 05 October 2015, 52 images

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bare bottom
adrianna model
sophie model naked

Donna Foster Set 19

Added 29 September 2015, 69 images

Adrianna Set 13

Added 15 September 2015, 50 images

Sophie Set 18

Added 08 September 2015, 63 images

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holly jae bare bum
adele model
holly jae topless

Hollie Jae Set 03

Added 05 September 2015, 30 images

Adele Set 28

Added 29 August 2015, 39 images

Hollie Jae Set 02

Added 25 August 2015, 55 images

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holly jae
katie lou model

Hollie Jae Set 01

Added 22 August 2015, 44 images

Madison Set 21

Added 18 August 2015, 30 images

Katie Lou Set 18

Added 28 July 2015, 84 images

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